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An Introduction
Tibet Potala PalaceWelcome to Tibet - a sacred land of myths and mysteries inhabited by the ever smiling people, has not only exerted magnetic spool upon travelers for centuries but also spies, missionaries, scholars, geographers, mystics, soldiers and cranks, etc. Yet, few intrepid, serious and determined have been able to make it.Tibet extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges, -a fascinating world of times less splendor, unique tradition and breathtaking scenery awaits all travelers to the Root of the World.

Tibet the very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery in extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges. A land of ancient Buddhist culture, awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails, Tibet is a destination out of the ordinary.

Famed as the roof of the world, the Tibet Autonomous Region of China lies on a plateau at an average elevation of 4000 m. It is bounded by the Kunlun Mountains to the north and the Himalaya to the south. Tibet covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km, and has a population of 2.3 millions . Across Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. specialist in Tibet tours make so adventurous journey to the world of Shangri-La-Tibet. So easy and so affordable through its various fascinating packages tours to any part of Tibet.


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